Notti Osama’s brother DD Osama has opened up about the rapper’s death in an interview on TikTok, saying his brother would still “be here” if he had been at.


Don’t get me started on the niggas smoking on a 14 year old, you’re older than me. Sep 1, 2022 · Notti Osama was a 14-year-old drill rapper from New York.

Drill rapping is a genre that generally involves taunting rivals.

Dec 7, 2022 · December 7, 2022.

. was notti bop the most disrespectful song/video in the last 3 years. When done in a group, the other members of the group often also mock punching the dancer in the.


However, Notti recently met with a recent tragedy in July of 2022 that took his life. . .

In early October, a video of two high-school students and a teacher dancing to a rap song began making the viral rounds. .

Some even dissed just to noticed or get some type of attention now making notti the most disrespected opp in new york any one saying his name just.


Nah creating a tiktok dance to recreate a death is crazy. Karma is real and when it hits them that’s when they’ll realize shit ain’t a game rn they running around cause no one is taking them serious but notice they got all this beef but only mention the people not in their borough their gdk but ain’t never mention 22 or anyone cause they know shit will get real if they decide to play disrespect hence why they’re doing it to people they know.

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And I think the took the disrespect a lil too far.

The "Notti Bop" Dance or Notti Boppin' is a dance popularized on TikTok set to the diss track "Notti Bop" by Kyle Richh where the dancer mocks punching themself in the ribs rhythmically as the lyrics, "Notti Boppin, punchin' my hips" play.


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. Authorities believe this may have been what led to the fatal fight. Name Email Website. . .

Oct 19, 2022 · Notti_bop_cover It seems like every day there’s a new dance trend going viral on TikTok, but the latest viral dance trend, the Notti Bop, is a little bit different than the rest.

Sep 1, 2022 · Notti Osama was a 14-year-old drill rapper from New York. .

When done.

The song was famous but for all the wrong reasons it was popular due to mocking someone's death.



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