. We explore the topics of Financial Planning 3.

The pattern or nature of how the price of a security or asset behaves, frequently in the short run, is referred.

You can type your required ratio names and find your desired ratio from various company financials like Balance sheet, Profit and loss, Quarterly results, Cash flow, Share holding and much more.

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She is humorous, smart, and dedicated. 0 and the study of exchanging value, Finology. Recipe by Finology brings an end to this by introducing a DIY platform, that gives you the power to manage your money according to your goals.

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Planning: The first and initial step in the process is planning and making the Investment Policy Statement.
Investment opportunities: As a result of government spending, additional chances for investment will present themselves to businesses.

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The study of money and value exchange.

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. 1 a: Academically, we define Finology as “the umbrella term for the various aspects of our personal relationships with money”. Age limit. . A stock broker, in the same way, is a middleman between the listed companies and the investor (or trader).


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Finology is an Asia-Pacific fintech company that specialises in enabling embedded and seamless end-to-end access to financial products.

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Price action is a trading strategy where investment instruments are bought or sold for a short-term period, based solely on the movement of the instrument's price.

We are an expert group of financial planners, psychotherapists, lawyers and thought leaders exploring the nature of money and its meaning in our lives.