Thomas the Doubter.

The first one you’ve chosen is the Confessions of St Augustine, who was a bishop in Hippo (in modern day Algeria) in the 4th-5th century and was canonized in 1298 by Boniface VIII.

. A Saint or two for each day of the calendar.

Butler's great work, The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints ("Butler's Lives"), the result of thirty years study, was first published in four volumes in London, 1756–1759.


. This Saints And Angels book is my favorite because it includes a lot of Saints, and I like how angels are included as well. New Book on China’s Saints Published in Chinese CWR Staff December 4, 2013 0 Thirteen years after Pope John Paul II canonized 120 Catholic saints who were martyred in China, Beijing’s.


John Trigilio, Jr. June 30th – St. Aidan of Ferns St.

Pope Francis said Thursday that the Coptic Orthodox martyrs killed by ISIS in 2015 will be added to the Catholic Church’s official list of saints. Paul Thigpen.

After eighteen years of married life, St.

Now, as the Father loves His only begotten Son with an everlasting love, the Son of “St.

Saints Book School Supplies Scripture Study. The Story of a Soul, The Autobiography, by St.

Catholic Prayers 7. It is a popular and compendious reproduction of the Acta Sanctorum, exhibiting great industry and.

It's not a little book, it talks about 213+ saints.
Rita Cascia (1386-1457).
Most Holy Name of Jesus – January 3rd.



Aigulf St. St Basil the Great is one of the Doctors of the Church, and patron saint of hospital administrators. 556 ratings37 reviews.

Dogma and Doctrine 10. ). These are my favorite Catholic saints books for children: Picture Book of Saints; Pictorial Lives of the Saints; Children of the Kingdom ebook has an alphabetical list of boy and girl saints. May 15, 2023 · Catholic Saint Quotes Adult Coloring Book. Now fully revised and updated The Book of Saints is a comprehensive biographical dictionary of saints canonised by the Roman Catholic Church.


. Paul the Apostle.

Books on the Saints also make great First Communion gifts and Confirmation gifts.

Some died for their faith in Christ; others served the poor, upheld the cause of.

Paul, the Apostle.


So do the lives of the saints, and a new book by Dr.